Transit-Oriented Development

Our Approach

Since inception we have been an early proponent of developing close to mass transit hubs in downtown locations, both in the UK and US.

We continue to believe in the transit theme for the following reasons:

  • Higher quality of life with better places to live, work, and play
  • Greater mobility with ease of moving around
  • Increased transit ridership
  • Reduced traffic congestion, car accidents and injuries
  • Reduced household spending on transportation, resulting in more affordable housing
  • Healthier lifestyle with more walking, and less stress
  • Higher, more stable property values
  • Increased foot traffic and customers for area businesses
  • Greatly reduced dependence on foreign oil, reduced pollution and environmental damage
  • Reduced incentive to sprawl, increased incentive for compact development
  • Less expensive than building roads and sprawl
  • Enhanced ability to maintain economic competitiveness

Creating vibrant, livable, sustainable communities.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

In 2017 new tax legislation included new regulation that designated Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) across the United States as part of an effort to attract investment in underdeveloped areas. Recognizing the benefits to the community and investors alike, this new legislation aligned with our philosophy of combining capital for projects in municipalities most in need of it but also offering attractive equity returns for our investors if the right location and project were selected.

Our sweet spot is where T.O.D meets QOZ.

Recently, we have focused heavily on Port Chester, NY as the ideal municipality on the Metro North line with a highly efficient and well maintained train station, easy access to main trucking routes and its entire urban core located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone.


St Katherine Group believes strongly in collaboration. We believe a successful development is one where both the municipality and the investor benefit. This philosophy has enabled us to create extremely close working relationships with every municipality in which we are active.